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Doug Allen and Lisa Adams

Doug Allen dropped by to record a new tune with Lisa Adams.  Had a great time with these guys!!!  Here is the story behind the tune.
I’ve been writing on my blog ( about my life for a few years and more recently about my diagnosis in 2012 with stage 4 breast cancer (6 years after initial surgery and treatment). Many of the posts I make are more poetic than prose lately. One particular one called “No room for that in this (Six Minutes)” ( ) seemed ripe for becoming song lyrics. I’ve never written song lyrics before and don’t even sing or play an instrument. But I did think the words had some potential to tell a good story, something I think is lacking in so much of modern music.
I’m a huge fan of Doug’s personally and professionally. He’s been teaching our son Colin to play guitar for about 2 years now. We’ve become friends and I love Doug’s sound. After hearing his latest album I knew he was someone who would be able to find the right music and that he would sometimes co-write songs. I asked him, on a lark, if he’d consider working with me on turning the post into a song. He agreed. We sat at my kitchen table and in that first session I turned that original post into the lyrics for “Six Minutes”. Doug almost immediately got the right feel and sound for the music and it just clicked. We both felt that while the original storyline of the song was about me, the song itself needed to be more universal. That’s why I made the chorus something so approachable, something everyone can relate to.
For me, the six minutes were ones of pain that I wanted to go by quickly. But I regretted that I was wishing my life away in these small increments. What Doug and I knewoming back to. Daydreaming, zoning out, whatever it is that helps you take a little break. So the chorus is about that, which is important because those are the words you’re likely to be singing to yourself again and again and need to be able to relate to. We really agreed on decisions every step of the way.
The song came together very easily for us. It only took us a few sessions. The words really didn’t change after that first meeting except for one or two tweaks. I think we knew we had the right music for it and the story is now there for sharing. We hope listeners will enjoy it, we hope it will speak to them. This one is a true collaboration and I’m grateful Doug was able to share my words in a way that they never could have been shared otherwise.