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There is nothing like vintage Fender Amps

There is no doubt that the recording industry has gone through major changes within the last few years, some for the better, and some for the worse.  The low cost of owning a studio has made it accessible to the average musician, but this unfortunately has been the demise of art of recording.  Many of these individuals are finding themselves in the situation of not having the experience of working alongside industry professionals learning the art.  Thus, jumping into situations that they are not prepared for.Dennis Hrbek began his career twenty years ago playing music while attending the University Of New Haven’s music and sound recording program.  While at the university he began interning at a world-class facility, which he later landed a full time staff engineering position after graduation.  There, Dennis learned to work along side many Grammy winning industry professionals working on major label music and commercial projects.  It was there where Dennis learned how the “real world” of recording operated.  Now, as an independent audio engineer Dennis carries two decades of first hand audio knowledge with him to his studio and location audio clients in the greater metro area.

There is much more to recording than getting the right sounds for the project, there is the process itself.