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Music - Audio Post - Editing

Dennis Hrbek began his career twenty years ago playing music while attending the University Of New Haven’s music and sound recording program.  While at the university he began interning at a world-class facility, which he later landed a full time staff engineering position after graduation.  There, Dennis learned to work along side Grammy winning industry professionals working on major label music and commercial projects.  It was there where Dennis learned how the “real world” of recording operated.  Now, as an independent audio engineer Dennis carries two decades of first hand audio knowledge with him to his studio and location audio clients in the greater metro area.


John Fogerty, Eagles, Hanson, Diana Ross, Ralph Macdonald, The New York Voices, Average White Band, Roy Orbison, Cherish The Ladies, Arthur Lipner, Stevie Nicks, Gacimo Gates, Terence Martin, Imax, Sweet Love, FOD, Fiona Apple, Boz Skaggs, Van Morrison, America, Elvis Costello, Eagles, Jimmy Buffett,Phish, Eric Clapton

Studio Equipment List

 2- RME 96k Nuendo 8 i/o A/D D/A converter

RME Steinberg HSDP 96/52 PCI Card

Steinberg Midex 3

Asus quad core i7 6700k overclocked

Windows 10

4-M1 John Hardy Microphone Preamp

2-Universal Audio 2108 Preamp

1-Vintech x73i

1- Avalon 737sp Black Face

2- BAE 312A API

1- 1176 Blue Stripe

Focusrite Octopre

Yamaha NS-10’s

JBL LSR310S Subwoofer


1- Blue Kiwi

1-Neumann TLM 103




2-Shure SM7B

4-Shure 57

3-Shure 58

6-beyerdynamic dt770 headphones


Protools 12

Cubase 10

UAD Neve/Pultec/Fairchild 670/LA2A/Precision Limiter/Precision Multiband/limiter/1176 Classics Limiter Colection


Izotope RX

Antares AutoTune



G&L ASAT Telecaster

Gibson 335

Fender Strat Jimmy Vaughan

G&L Legacy Strat

Supro Lap Steel

Gibson J-45

G&L Bass

Fender Princeton 1962 and 1963


Marshall 50 Watt Plexi Head

Fender Deluxe Reberb

Peavey Classic 50 4×10 and 1×15

Marshall Power Brake

Ibanez Tube Screamer/Dunlap Wah-Wah/MXR Carbon Copy/Boss DD-7/Freeze

Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Pearl 5 piece drumkit

Yamaha brass snare

Komplete 11 

Various Sample Libraries

Midiman 61 Key Controller

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